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Noida - New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. Noida is greener, cleaner and well-planned than most cities in India. Noida is a well-planned city and a part of the National Delhi Capital Region of India. Being the partner of Delhi, it consumes so much of Delhi culture, leaving traffic, crowds and chaos behind. This is one of the best cities in terms of affordability, greenery, academics and prosperity. 


Greater Noida is a great place to study. It has a strong student culture, the city is safe, and it is very affordable. Noida is steadily becoming popular amongst students and young professionals since it offers incredible educational opportunities and is home to some of the best IT companies in India. Greater Noida is primarily an educational city with lots of colleges and universities with real academic luxury and 360 development of students.


Bifurcation of Colleges according to streams

Colleges for Engineering in Noida

Colleges for Management in Noida

Colleges for Science in Noida


Living Cost

The cost of living is lower than in many other cities. This makes it a great option for students who want to save money while they study. The city is slightly more affordable in terms of cost of living than other areas of NCR. The cost of living in Noida may vary based on accommodation preferences, lifestyle choices and transportation options. In Noida, a single student can easily cost between INR 13,000 to INR 25,000, including rent, electricity, and all other expenditures. 



Colleges in Noida also offer hostel accommodation for students coming in to study from another city. Besides renting a flat or living in a hostel, you can also consider a co-living option which is also available widely nowadays. PGs in Noida is conveniently located near major educational institutes and offer quality amenities such as cooked food, housekeeping, a gym and more. For students and bachelors, it is preferable to take a 1 BHK property in specific inexpensive neighbourhoods where you can conveniently get an apartment for 7000-10000 rupees. Central NOIDA, Sector 50, Noida Extension, Noida Sector 55, 56, and Noida Sector 47 are some of the best locations to live in Noida.


Cost of Utilities

Utilities, such as DTH or cable, electricity, and internet, are included in the living cost of Noida. It all comes down to your money and lifestyle. Utilities will differ based on your location, consumption, and a variety of other factors. It will cost between Rs. 2000 – Rs. 5000.

Expense Item

Average Cost for Student

Average Cost for Couple

Local travel (monthly pass for metro/buses)


Rs 1000-2000

1BHK rent/PG

Rs 10000-15000

Rs 10000-20000

Electricity, Water, Garbage for apartment/Bills

Rs 3000-5000

Rs 2500-4000


Rs 1500-3000

Rs 2000-4000


Rs 1,000-2000

Rs 1500-2500

Approx cost of living on Noida

Rs 16000-25000

Rs 17000-33500



Eating healthy home-cooked meals not only helps you keep up with your fitness but also keeps you energetic through days of studying. If you opt for co-living accommodation or PG/Hostel, your meals will be included in your agreement and you can forgo the worry of cooking for yourself or finding someone to do it for you. Mess/tiffin services in Noida are approximately Rs 1500-2000 per month. Besides daily meals, Noida has a variety of street food options and restaurants for you to choose from and enjoy with your friends.



Noida offers adequate entertainment options with its malls, restaurants, amusement parks and markets which can be enjoyed with college buddies over the weekends. You can always take a metro ride to Delhi to enjoy its fantastic street shopping, visit historical monuments or just chill at one of its many restaurants. Some other places to shop and enjoy are Noida Haat, DLF Mall, Brahmaputra Market, Buddh International Circuit, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Atta Market, Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal and Green Garden, Botanic Garden of Indian Republic. For fun lovers, Noida offers Smaaash, The Great India Place, Worlds of Wonder and Appu Ghar express offer the best arcade games and bowling alleys. For the antiquarians inside you, Noida also has some art galleries depicting ancient Indian culture through its many paintings and sculptures. 



Moving to an unfamiliar city can be exciting and unnerving at the same time. As you try to figure out your way through Noida as a student, mug up this line “Noida is not safe and sound yet”. Before shifting to any particular area in Noida, make sure to do thorough research about the locality, the distance from your college, nearby hospitals, police stations and markets. There can always be fear of pic-pocketers and thefts. Avoid travelling to isolated and underdeveloped areas in the city, especially at night. Try not to look like an outsider- they will loot you first. Always have 100 numbers in your speed dial list. Avoid getting into any unnecessary arguments on the roads. Major apartment complexes and PGs in Noida including your space provide enhanced security complete with CCTV surveillance and 24×7 security guards.


Co-curricular activities

Activities such as Physical activities, Recreational activities, Social development activities and Educational activities are carried out by almost all colleges/ institutions in Noida to enhance the skills and abilities of students apart from studies. Here are the major types of co-curricular activities

  • Yoga
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Meditation
  • National cadets corps (NCC)
  • Sports competitions
  • Science quizzes
  • Poetry competitions
  • Story writing competitions
  • Mathematics olympiads
  • Extempores
  • Projects in exhibitions
  • Essay competitions
  • Debate competitions
  • Organising cultural events
  • Collecting funds for nonprofits
  • Scouting and guiding
  • Celebrating cleanliness day
  • Taking part in school councils
  • Volunteering for social work
  • Dance competitions
  • Cultural festivals
  • Singing competitions
  • Drawing competitions
  • Folk art workshops
  • Annual day
  • Dramatics


Employment luxury

Ample job and business opportunities are busting in this city. Competition rates are high due to very skilled and professional personnel. TCS, HCL, CoGnizant and other IT giants do come for campus or pool drives. There are many chances you can get selected in your placement drives. Noida is developing as a strong city for IT professionals, Trade and commerce and the education sector. 


People, Festivals & Languages

In addition to different religions, people from different parts of the country also reside in Noida. Bengalis, Tamils, Gujaratis, Maharashtrians, etc. flock toward Noida for education and work. You must not trust everyone for help. A large number of festivals are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Diwali, Lohri, Eid, Chhat puja and Christmas are some of the most widely celebrated festivals. Hindi and English are the most preferred languages here.



Private and government hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are an important part of the healthcare sector of any city. Noida is an ever-growing city and offers state-of-the-art medical facilities. Some of the most prominent names in the healthcare industry have their presence in Noida. Saving contact numbers of Hospitals and clinics near your area can help you in times of emergency. Medicals are easily available in all areas. You can see govt hospitals for any big illness, which will help trim your health cost.



Summer, Winter and Rain are experienced very highly here. The weather is very hot in summer, it becomes very cool in Winter; the cold waves from the Himalayan region make the winters in Noida chilly and harsh. It also rains heavily here. 


Its connectivity within and outside the city is one of the best things about Noida. Cab services, including Ola and Uber, are readily available here. Usually, metros, autos and e-rickshaws, popularly known as “Tuk-Tuk”, are used for travelling in Noida, and it is best if you stay close to your workplace/college. These options are inexpensive and save you the time of getting on an app to book a cab. Greater Noida has better connectivity and well-established public transport options, making getting to any part of the city easier. You can manage transportation for under Rs 1,500, depending upon the exact location of the office, college and the type of commute available. Charges for public transportation start from Rs 11 to Rs 53 Maximum.


Noida’s Nightlife

Nightlife is very classic and enjoyable in Noida. Greater Noida also includes some renowned clubs known for their nightlife. The beautiful interior, peppy music and great food of Noida Pub Exchange have attracted many party heads from all over the country. As a student, you must be aware of all rules and regulations which need to be followed in this city to enjoy its nightlife and to avoid all unnecessary happenings. 




Overall, it is clear that a visit to Noida will be filled with loads of entertainment and leisure. Noida has proven itself as a destination with rising architecture and the most outstanding facilities around the country. It has all the lavishness of city life and offers commendable greenery and a chaos-free life, which attracts people around the globe to migrate here

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