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 “Clean Indore, Green Indore – Our City, Our Pride!”

Indore is the city of Queen Ahalyabai Holkar, the ruler whose rule is still considered the golden age in Indore's history. As one of the cities that host both IIT and IIM, modern Indore is also an ideal city because of its high cleanliness standards and way of life. Indore is a city of emotions, food, and celebrations. You can find lip-smacking food, incredible history, and happiness in one place. An individual can find comfort in the city's modern culture and history.

Education in Indore 

Indore has been a renowned educational hub in India since ancient times. You can attend colleges established by different rulers, such as Daly College, founded by General Henry Daly in 1870 and co-founded with the princely states of Marathas and Rajputs. The city is home to IITs, IIMs, and other top colleges in India in different fields, such as medicine, arts, and research.





Indian Institute Of Management–Indore (IIM–Indore)

Prestige Institute of Management and Research - [PIMR], Indore

International Institute of Professional Studies - [IIPS], Indore

Institute of Management Studies, Indore




IIT Indore- Indian Institute of Technology

Institute of Engineering and Technology, Devi Ahilya University - [IET -DAVV], Indore

SAGE University, Indore

Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research - [AITR], Indore



Index Group of Colleges, Indore

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

Oriental University, Indore

Malwanchal University, Indore




DAVV Mateshwari Sugni Devi Girls College, Indore

Islamia Karimia College - [IKC], Indore

Government Maharani Laxmi Bai Girls PG College, Indore

Indore Christian College, Indore


Important Institutes in Indore

Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology

Indian Institute of Soybean Research 

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College

What role does Indore education play in your personal development?

Every city carries different vibes. There are high chances that it may or may not give you the same home city vibes, but it will be that cosy home vibes you need. While in Indore, you will learn one or more of the following through your college life there.

  • Being calm! The city is relaxed; everyone seems to live slowly and happily. You will also learn to live a Bindas life here like true Indorekars.
  • Due to the city's openness to multiple cultures and cuisines, there are numerous communities, each of which celebrates its culture and cuisine to the extent of its ability. Here, you will have a chance to expand your taste palette and try your hand at some of the most delicious street food experiences.
  • The city teaches you another essential lesson as a citizen and student: cleanliness. Indore is the cleanest city in India! So here you will learn that as part of the lifestyle.

Student’s help guide- For Indore students

Indore is the most secure and happy place to be! Here, you will enjoy it and learn a lot. However, whenever you are in an unfamiliar place, you have to be careful and mindful while staying there. Though the city has minimal crime rates and very few incidents of student harm, here are a few things you should keep in mind while staying there.

  • The city is safe. You can also roam the city at any time, even at night, to enjoy the sights of the city. There are, however, some areas that are less crowded at night and don't have access to the main roads, so you should avoid them.
  • As a girl, you will inevitably be required to take extra precautions to be safe anywhere. Indore is no different. Be sure to carry a safety weapon, keep SOS on, and stay in crowded areas at all times.
  • The city's food is its star. However, it can be risky if you do not focus on things like quality, safety, and hygiene. The same applies to your daily hostel meals or tiffin services meals. Make sure to eat well to stay healthy.
  • Indore is also known for its rough driving. Be safe in the city while driving or using shared rides. Being aware of pickpocketers or thieves when using public transportation is always a good idea.  
  • Whenever you need help, you can save the contact details of nearby police stations, women's helplines, hospitals, NGOs, or student unions.

In this city, you can be a chill person too! Be cautious, and you'll be fine.

Job opportunities in Indore 

Historically, Indore has been the center of finance and business in central India. As part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, it is also an important financial center. The city has been constantly developing in different fields like automobile, pharmaceutical, software, retail, textile trading, and real estate.


Over the past few years, the city has hosted the Global Investors Summit, which has greatly facilitated the growth of industries in the town. Recently, major IT companies like IBM India, Computer Sciences Corporation, YASH Technologies, Impetus, Cyber Infrastructure, and Premier Biosoft have settled their companies in the city.

Even though Indore is an upcoming IT hub, students can also make careers in automobile,  pharmaceutical, retail, textile trading, and real estate.

How does it feel to be a student living in Indore?

If you are moving to Indore, you will soon learn their fantastic lingo! As a student, Indore can be your second home. Moreover, it is not just because it's educational but also because it has a calm, soothing environment and a spirit of living a happy life. Here are some glimpses of your life as a student living in Indore.

Historical Tales- the City of Holkar!

If you get to study the city, you will understand how the city's culture is built. Here, you can find the impressions of all rulers like the Gupta Empire, the Holkar Era, and the British Raj. While walking through the city, you will notice that the place's infrastructure has hints of the Maratha, French, and Mughal architectural styles, making it more appealing and picturesque. For a better understanding of the city's history, you can visit Lal Bagh Palace, Central Museum, or Rajwada Palace.

Delicious food of  Indore.

The food of the city is beyond description. The food here is influenced by Maharashtrian, Malawian, Rajasthani, and Gujarati cultures. Students can try a proper meal at restaurants, hotels, messes, or at their homes. Try street specialities like poha, kachori, samosa, jalebi,rabdi, gajak, imarti, bhel, pani puri, hot dog, egg banjo, etc. moong bhajiya, moong daal halwa, dahi wada, sabudana khichdi. If you are in Indore, sev is a saviour.

The Nightlife of Indore.

One can never run out of things to do in the city at night, a cultural center in Madhya Pradesh. If you are a party person, you can go to nightclubs, pubs, or relaxing lounges. You can enjoy live music, cultural programs, or concerts in many places until the wee hours. Visiting Janapav Temple or Kalakund Forest is a wonderful option if you are just looking to wander around the city. A visit to Sarafa Bazaar will satisfy your midnight hunger.

Living in peace with a lower cost of living.

Indore's people believe in life and letting those around them live, compared with other cities. Here, you'll find friendly and warm-hearted people who make you feel at ease. The benefits of being a student include finding cheap lodging and food, as well as staying within your budget. There is no need for immigrants to struggle to mix up with the locals since the language is Hindi, and the culture is pretty open to all.

Explore the city.

The city has a high influence on the royals on its architecture as well. So here you will find many places to visit where you can discover about the history and enjoy the vibes. If you are looking for 1 or 2 days of picnic spots, the city got you covered. These places include Patalpani Waterfall, Pipliyapala Regional Park, Sirpur Lake, and Ahilya Fort. Here are some famous places to hang out.

  1. Safari Adventure Park
  2. Pipliyapala Regional Park
  3. Gomatgiri 
  4. Tafreeh Agro Park 
  5. Rajwada Palace
  6. Khajrana Ganesh Mandir 
  7. Sarafa Bazaar 

How much will it cost a student to live in Indore?

As a student, you always live under predetermined budgets or financial limits. Indore has many advantages, like access to one of the finest educational facilities in India, cleanliness, and reasonable living expenses. Students can survive on pretty strict budgets, too, due to the city's economic lifestyles.

The following is an approximate cost analysis for students.

Costs associated with accommodation:

Prestigious institutes like IIM, IIT, and many others offer hostel facilities to students. You can try community-based hostels or government facilities if you are not eligible for accommodation. If you have the budget, you can also live as a guest, rent a flat, or live on a co-sharing basis.

The different living options can have additional costs. Here are some predictive prices for accommodation in Indore.

Accommodation Type 


PG ( sharing based) 

Rs 5000-7000 


Varies from College to College

Rented homes

Rs 10000-12000 

Food Costs

You will love eating out as much as possible in Indore if you are a foodie. However, as students, you should also focus on the health and hygiene of food. Below are the approximate food costs you will have to bear as a student in Indore.

If you are paying for snacks or munchies only 

Rs 80-100 per day

If you are paying for all meals of the day

Rs 150-250 per day


Rs 5000-7000 per month

Transportation costs 

Owning a vehicle can be an excellent idea if you live in a city like Indore. In addition, this is because it is effortless to move from one end to another in 40 minutes. However, if you are not of legal age to drive, here are some transportation modes that you can use while you are in the city.

  • Indore BRTS (iBUS)
  • Indore Magic (Auto Rickshaw) 
  • Indore Metro
  • Indore Cable Car 

Several factors influence the cost of transportation, such as distance, mode of transportation, time, and frequency. You can observe the costs for a few months and design an appropriate budget.

Other costs 

You may also have to spend money on entertainment, shopping, grooming, etc. All these costs will differ based on the type of service you choose. For example, a movie at a local theater will be cheaper than a PVR. Students can make a list of these types of costs and calculate them. Being a student, you must watch these costs.


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