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Top BBA Colleges in Sports Management - India

This course helps you become a seasoned leader of sports clubs and federations right from the entry-level. The assignments included making you square up to the technicalities of the sports industry related business. It equips you with specialisations in public relations, interpersonal skills, marketing, finance, and other tactics to surface up an organisation in the realm of sports. The BBA degree course is an amazing concoction of sports and business. It assures a rising career graph starting from the local leagues and scaling up to the domestic or international sports associations. You can become one of the leading forces governing the major annual sports event like Wimbledon, Grand Slams, or IPL through acquiring the positions of team managers, department supervisors, team marketing directors, and so on. 

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Sports Management 

An Extensive Industry

  • Surveys suggest the annual growth rate of the North American sports industry by 3.2%, ranging from 71.1 to 83.1 billion USD within the time span of five years (2018 – 2023). The scene is close to this in other nations, including India. The market holds the potential for an increased firing of sponsorship revenues and media contracts at present as well as in the immediate future. Thus, a BBA in sports management assures you of the possibilities of being hired in this industry.

A Passionate Profession

  • Get equipped with practical assignments and informative classes in amalgamation with business management. This degree course is designed for aspirants addicted to sports as spectators but at the same time desire to leverage their interest in bagging a full-fledged occupation. 

Work Out Your Way 

  • The advantage of acquiring a BBA in sports management is that you can work for an aspect of a particular sport that has fascinated you since childhood. For instance, management of public recreation or community leadership in local parks that arrange for events at the state- level. Besides, the program curriculum befits your choice to be employed as a team manager, executive or players’ agent. 

Quench Your Travelling Thirst

  • Sports being a global affair demands the traveling of respective professionals or personnel as per their job designations. The PR officers, media managers, team executives, sports reporters, event managers, to name a few, have to commute to the selected venues within the country and abroad, as well. 

Get Accustomed to the Environment 

  • The business ambiance of the sports industry is far-fetched and needs to be tackled in a special way. This degree course enables you with appropriate practical and theoretical wisdom in sports management. The expertise obtained in the process renders you helpful in professional organizations, promotional agencies, companies manufacturing sports goods, and intercollegiate athletic sections. 

Exposure to Actual Settings

  • The study curriculum of this BBA program engages students to function and observe the activities in an original and authorized field or sports park. This degree course gets you acquainted with the technicalities involved in pulling up a sports event, which remains unseen on the screen. 

Learn to Promote

  • This degree course enables you with thorough knowledge of the marketing procedures that direct the sports world. Other than the media promotion, the tangible sale areas like sponsorships, ticket selling are driven by certain injunctions that the BBA program teaches you. You even get trained in the mechanism of encouraging healthy relationships with clients for the latter to remain loyal to the concerned sports organization. 

Management Ethics

  • The study curriculum introduces you to all possible conflicts, ethical concerns, funding methods, coaching principles, and management difficulties. This keeps you armed to the teeth from the initial stage of your job so that you aren’t knocked down by any daunting circumstance. 

Plan Sports Facilities

  • This degree course curriculum includes the fundamentals of planning sports amenities of a federation or organization alongside managing the events put up by it. In contemporary times, the media is indispensable in the realm of sports. The BBA program throws light on the relationship between these two dimensions. Students get exposed to the commentary and sports news by the media with special reference to rhetoric criticism from past incidents. 

Stay Legally Mature

  • BBA in sports management imparts profound knowledge of both the tort and contract legalities of sports. The elementary legal concepts underlying the sports industry are covered by this phenomenal degree course. This makes you well-versed with the liabilities of work in a sports field or organization. 

Job Opportunities

The expertise gathered through the study of sports management gives you the scope of working as a public relations manager. You would be responsible for devising plans to establish and handle healthy relations with media partners. Your task is rewarded with a salary of 4, 84, 000 rupees per annum.

On the other hand, the job role of a sales manager involves meetings and associations with different departments of the organization. The annual compensation for this designation varies between 1, 80, 000 and 3, 20, 000 rupees. The individual is required to set objectives for the concerned team and even assist in sorting out employment opportunities.

Get placed as a management trainee who is in charge of coordinating with managers to ideate and execute the activities of the employer sports association. This position fetches a salary of 3 lakh rupees per annum. 

Become the driving force of the performers on the field by playing the role of a sports nutritionist. You receive an annual compensation of 2 to 4 lakh rupees for counselling sportspersons on their nutrition regimes. 

Another significant job profile is an event manager, which is the soul of the sports event right from its inception to execution, including venue selection, client negotiation, and media partner arrangement. The annual remuneration received for the task ranges from 2 to 4 lakh rupees. 

The designation of a procurement manager is pivotal in handling the concerned sports company or brand’s purchases. The responsibility is centred on collaborating with purchasing and procurement agents to supervise their operations. The annual pay package for this job role is 2 to 4 lakh rupees. 

Get exposed to the prestigious sports grounds and renowned tournaments through the volunteering assignments offered in the BBA course and become an integral part of the industry. 

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