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What is PTE Exam? Answers to All your Questions


Pearson's Test of English is an examination for studying abroad. It is conducted to assess the student's English language ability to survive in a foreign land. The test consists of four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. It is conducted online and lasts 2 hours. The test results are mostly reflected on the same day or within 1- 2 working days.

The PTE test is widely accepted by numerous countries for study visa applications. These include popular study destinations such as Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, UAE, and India. This global recognition of the PTE test makes it a valuable credential for prospective international students.

This article allows  us to clear all our doubts regarding the PTE exam.

1. What is the full form of PTE?

The full form of PTE is Pearson Test of English.

2. What is the PTE Exam?

PTE is a computer-based English test that helps to test students' language ability in several categories, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

3. Does Canada accept PTE?

Yes! PTE is accepted by Canada along with many other countries like Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, UAE, and India

 4. Is PTE easy or tough?

 The PTE test is tough for beginners who don't have good language proficiency. 

5. How much is 8.5 in PTE?

Check the scores of both the tests:

IELTS score chart - 8.5 bands   =  PTE score chart- 89 marks.

6. What is the duration of the PTE test?

The PTE exam is 2 hours long and is a computer-based test.

7. Can somebody fail in the PTE exam?

Yes! It is possible to fail the PTE exam if the candidate doesn't prepare well or complete it 

8. What is the ‘3 second rule’ in PTE?

The 3-second rule in the PTE exam is an essential aspect of the test. It ensures the test taker doesn’t consume much time recording the response. If it is not followed, many answers remain unanswered.

9. Has the PTE exam  pattern changed?
The new exam pattern for PTE as of 2024 is: the time for Speaking and writing is between 54 and 67 minutes, Reading skills (28–30)minutes, and Listening (30–43)minutes, and the test duration is 2 hours. It's a computer-based English assessment test, and there has been no such change in the exam pattern.

10. How do I write a PTE essay?

Follow these  three simple steps:

Introduction - start the topic and any information related to it.

Paragraph 1 - one idea supporting your argument.

Paragraph 2 - another idea supporting your argument / or offering a counterargument.

Conclusion - encapsulate a summary of the ideas that led to your conclusion and why.

11. What is the fee for the PTE exam?

The fee of PTE exam booking is 17,000 rupees.

12. Is the PTE practice app free?

Some apps, like PTE tutorials, Language Academy, and Gurully applications, are free for practice. (please find more information at the end of the article)

13.Are questions in PTE repeated?

In PTE Academic Test, the questions are often repeatedly randomised from the PTE question database, which has a finite number of questions. To help test takers, myPTE Team has been consolidating PTE exam questions from past students who have achieved all band 8 (all 79+).

14. Is 1 month enough for PTE?

1 month is an excellent time to prepare for the PTE test. You must prepare adequately. You will need dedicated hours each day before appearing; eventually, you can score good marks and clear the exam.

15. Is PTE fees increased?
The PTE exam fee in India for 2024 is ₹17,000 (approx. USD 215). This includes 18% sales tax. There might be an additional late booking fee of around 5% if you book your test within 48 hours of your desired date.

16. Which time is best for PTE?

The best time for appearing for the PTE exam depends entirely upon the test taker’s availability. Before noon, one can try to complete the exam as morning is the best time to concentrate.

17. Can PTE results be wrong?

The PTE test scores are unlikely to change or go wrong as they are entirely computer-based, and machine assessment can’t give wrong results.

18. Can I pass PTE without preparation?

Practice is the key to the PTE exam. As it is a computer-based exam, there are some rules and regulations that the candidate needs to follow before sitting for the exam. Sometimes, candidates with good English command are also not able to perform well due to a lack of preparation. So, without preparation, it is never recommended.

19. What is the syllabus of PTE?

It is a skill-based exam. The syllabus assesses a candidate's proficiency in the English language across four skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The exam evaluates a candidate's ability to understand and communicate effectively.

20. How much is 9 in PTE?

IELTS BAND 9     =    PTE SCORES 86-90

21. What is the most important topic in PTE?

The most important topics in PTE are:

  • Listening / Write From Dictation.
  • Listening / Write From Dictation (List)
  • Reading / Fill In the Blanks (drag and drop)
  • Reading / Read Aloud.
  • Listening / Summarise Spoken Text.
  • Speaking / Describe Image.
  • Speaking / Re-tell Lecture.
  • Writing / Summarise Written Text.

22. What are the big 4 in PTE?

  • Listening,
  • Reading, 
  • Speaking, and
  • Writing Skills.

23. Which topic is hardest in PTE?

According to some random PTE results, the hardest part of the PTE test is reading followed by writing.

24. Is 65 in PTE is 7?

Yes, the score of 65+ in the PTE test is equivalent to Band 7 in the IELTS exam.

25. Is 57 good in PTE?

A score between 65 and 73 is good for the PTE exam. Candidates should always target higher PTE scores than the mentioned university cut-off, which can increase their chances of admission.

26. What are the most important questions in PTE?

The PTE Speaking section, where short answer questions are asked, is the most difficult as it includes general questions that need good practice.

 Some examples are as follows:

  1. What do you call an older, unmarried woman?
  2. What do you call a man whose wife is dead?
  3. What do you call someone who is unable to pay his debts?
  4. What do you call a man who thinks only of himself?
  5. What do you call a cinema show in the afternoon?

27. Which task is most important in PTE?

 Every task is essential in the PTE exam as it is counted as a total score.

28. How to crack the PTE exam easily?

The PTE exam requires good practice to pass quickly. Understand the PTE rules and regulations before appearing. Speak and write on a wide range of topics. Structure your answers, but avoid using templates. Use your own words and think critically.

30. Which section is easy in PTE?

PTE is an exam based on intelligent tricks and tips, good practice, and language knowledge. It is optional for everyone to have the best skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We can't say that this segment or question is accessible as it depends on individual to individual.

31. Is 50 PTE easy to score?

It is easy to score 50+ in PTE. Anyone with above-average English can get 50 plus if they know the right strategies. You need to practice them for 15 to 20 days and can check your performance through mock tests. You can book your exam once you start scoring between 60 and 65.

32. Do questions repeat in PTE?

Some questions in the exams might get repeated, so you better answer them again and quickly. This is an extra advantage to score better rather than puzzling ourselves in the exam hall since Pearson's PTE is delivered via a question bank.

33. How to get a high mark in PTE?

To get high mark in  your PTE exam you can :

  • Think out of box for topics in writing
  • Learn  about the exam pattern.
  • Be alert of what you are writing and answering.
  • Practice mock exams multiple times.
  • Start learning English vocabulary.
  • concentrate on each question topic.
  • Don't skip any questions.

34. Can I prepare for PTE in 15 days?

Yes, it is possible if the candidate is good with language command and has dedicated practice.

35. Is PTE speaking hard?

Every section can be difficult for different candidates. The PTE Speaking test is seen as challenging for a few reasons. It has different speaking tasks that check different language skills, such as pronunciation, fluency, and what you say. Tasks like read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, and re-tell lectures have different challenges, and time is a significant concern among students.

36. How many minutes is a PTE essay?

You need to write an essay between 200 and 300 words. You have 20 minutes to finish this task. Your writing will be judged on grammar, coherence, vocabulary, and written discourse.

37. Can I crack PTE without coaching?

Yes! Indeed, it is possible without coaching if the candidate is good with language command and has dedicated practice.



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